Helping Santa Fe Rethink Their Waste
Reuse Tips
The 3R’s have Reduce and Reuse before Recycling because they stop waste at the source. Rethink your waste by reducing the items you want and giving reuse an opportunity for items you don’t.

You can recycle your phone books at any of the following drop off bin locations:
County Transfer Stations >

HOURS: 8:00 a. m. - 4:45 p. m. Monday - Sunday

HOURS: 7:00 a. m. - 5:00 p. m. Monday - Saturday

When an item is reusable you can use it over and over again, or give it to someone else who can.  This option is more sustainable than purchasing items that are thrown away after a single use.  To save money and space in the landfill, look for long lasting items that are durable, and repairable if they break.

  • Take your own mug or thermos to the coffee shop. Some shops will offer a discounted price when you provide your own container.
  • Use your own reusable bags when shopping. If you do opt for paper or plastic grocery bags, take them back to the store to be recycled.
  • Use resealable, refillable, and reusable containers for lunch and leftovers rather than single use plastic bags.
  • Use rechargeable batteries (which can save you money over time).
  • Use washable: cloth napkins, rags instead of paper towels, and plates and silverware instead of plastic and paper throw-aways.
  • Rent or borrow larger items like tools and landscaping supplies.  Don’t forget to share!
  • Repair your appliances and electronics instead of buying new ones.

 What can I do at my office or business?

  • Use the blank side of used paper for scratch paper, then recycle it.
  • Use newspaper instead of Styrofoam peanuts for packaging, and reuse cardboard boxes for shipping.
  • Reuse file folders by reversing and refolding.
  • In the staff kitchen, use durable and refillable products instead of disposable and single use.


Close the loop!  Buy items with recycled content when possible.